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Transforming Education With Open Hearts

Our Mission

Abiqua School engages and inspires young scholars in a challenging yet collaborative environment that optimizes the abilities of individual students. HEART values promote a compassionate community while empowering students with tools for lifelong learning.

What We Value Most

At Abiqua School, we recognize that students have different gifts and talents and encourage expression through multiple intelligences and cooperative learning opportunities. Each student learns to be a positive, supportive member of their community. Students at Abiqua are treated with respect and are expected to treat others with respect.

Abiqua School believes that understanding others, solving problems, and controlling anger are important skills to teach. Students learn that people perceive events in their environment differently and that they may share different values. Because in real life, conflicts can arise, Abiqua teaches the importance of conflict resolution by incorporating HEART skills.
A group of young students climbing on the jungle gym
A preschool girl holding up "I love you" fingers and smiling on the jungle gym.
A preschool girl holding up "I love you" fingers and smiling on the jungle gym.
We believe in integrity. Our responsibility is to recognize and protect the rights of others and work towards a wholehearted understanding of human connections.
We are sensitive to the feelings, thoughts, needs, and experiences of others. We strive to learn to see the world from another’s point of view, and to appreciate different perspectives. Every human being is valuable and worthy of our compassion.
We consider the consequences of our decisions and actions, and accept full responsibility.
We value the talents, contributions, opinions, and perspectives of others. We hold ourselves, our peers, parents, and teachers in high regard. We show consideration for the property of others, including public property.
We are committed to inclusiveness, cooperation, and collaboration.

Our History

In the early 1990’s a group of concerned parents saw a gap in their children’s education. Their children were being taught to get good grades and pass to the next level…but they weren't being equipped with real-life tools to help them overcome everyday obstacles. 

Their children were being lost in the one-size-fits-all approach - a system that limits many students’ diverse talents, skills, and gifts. These parents wanted a more personalized plan of action to truly help their children thrive at school and in life. 

That’s why these committed parents founded Abiqua School in 1993 as a K-6 independent school - the only independent school in mid-Willamette Valley without any religious affiliation. It was crucial that their children learn vital, life-changing skills with opened minds and opened hearts.

Today, we now serve around 200 students. We’ve flourished into an inclusive and dynamic early childhood, primary, and middle school - beautifully diverse with students from different backgrounds, configurations, and experiences who come together as a team and a family. We’ve created a community that focuses on students’ emotional backbone, personalized support, and encouragement - tools necessary for resilience, personal growth, and overcoming any obstacle.
Head of School Message
A kindergarten student in awe as a butterfly lands on his finger.

Board of Trustees

2023 - 2024

Abiqua School is a Federally tax-exempt, non-profit 501(c)(3) educational organization governed by a volunteer Board of Trustees. This Board comprises parents and community leaders with an interest in superb education. The Board of Trustees is accountable for the strategic management, policy development, and the long-term success and stability of Abiqua. The Head of School, who is selected and supported by the Board, holds full responsibility for the daily operations of the school.

Board of Trustees

Tyler Reich
Board Chair
Denise Basilan
Vice Chair
John Hazlett
Falguny Bhavan
Mark Novom
Head of School

Members at Large

Max Butler
Alex Casebeer
James Gleason
Matt Pegler
Dan Roach
Madiha Shaukat
Shannon Snow
Leon Widdall


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