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Middle School

Our Middle School instructors offer a unique instructional model guided by the principles of HEART that highlight the capabilities of adolescent-aged students. The program is split between two groups of students (5th & 6th grades and 7th & 8th grades). They participate in a themed curriculum that integrates English Language Arts (ELA), Social Studies, Science, Math, Spanish, Art, and Music.

New students are paired with a teacher-advisor who oversees their general academic and social well-being throughout the program and guides them through all changes, challenges, and opportunities.

Guide Groups

The Middle School Guide Group Program is an important piece of students’ social-emotional program. Groups of multi-aged learners develop positive relationships with adults and peers who support their educational experiences. Students experience better adjustment to middle school, positive social behaviors and peer relationships, less emotional distress, fewer conduct problems, and improved academic performance.

Guide Groups are built around personal connections between students and advisors, utilizing HEART skills to become a leader of the school. The group learning activities promote self and social awareness, self-management, good relationships, and responsible decision-making skills. Discussions, games, written reflections, cooperative challenges, and celebrations are just some of the tools used to spur student interaction.

Social Studies

The Middle School Social Studies Program for 5th and 6th grade is an inclusive study of culture, people, places, and environments. Through yearly themes, students learn primary sources and unravel historical conspiracies, create skits and board games, and participate in interactive writing and art projects. These projects require a close examination of the past and foster the development of a multicultural, multiethnic worldview.

The Middle School Social Studies Program for 7th and 8th grade prepares students for the rigors of honors-level high school programs. Yearly themes create a rhythm for the year and tie into the English Language Arts curriculum.

English Language Arts

The Middle School English Language Arts Program for 5th and 6th grade builds on the strong foundation of the Lower School Program while encouraging greater curiosity, independence, and autonomy for emerging adolescents. The program grows the reader, writer, speaker, and listener within each child.

The Middle School English Language Arts Program for 7th and 8th grade challenges all ability levels and teaches students lifelong learning habits by empowering them with the skills and tools necessary to successfully navigate written English and develop personal works.
Student working at a desk in English class


The Middle School Science Program is based on observation and science principles. Students propose questions to form a hypothesis that can be examined through the scientific method. They use appropriate tools and techniques to collect data, organize and display relevant information, construct an evidence-based explanation of the results, and communicate the conclusions.

Topics of study are selected from the major science fields: physics, chemistry, life sciences, and earth sciences. Students develop an understanding of the history and nature of science, including the personal and social perspectives of the field.

Middle School students participate in the Abiqua Science Fair and are encouraged to continue their studies by participating in the Regional Science Fair. Recently, over 75% of our student projects received podium recognition for their efforts at the State Science Fair.


The Middle School Mathematics Program encourages students to explore, discuss, and apply mathematical ideas as they gain problem-solving skills. They learn procedures for basic computation, estimation, and mental math, which include all strands of mathematics: numeration, measurement, geometry, statistics, and probability.

Cooperative learning and problem-based inquiry are key components. Teachers pull from a variety of curricula to enhance our program and make sure students are engaged in many mathematics experiences. In our accelerated math curriculum, students take pre-algebra in 7th grade and algebra in 8th grade.
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